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Welcome to my blog. I am a behavioral consultant working out of Southern California. I specialize in designing original and individual programs for both youth and adults. I have worked with churches, group homes, adult residential facilities, schools, at-risk youth, DSP staff, and numerous paraprofessionals. I write my posts to be both creative and informational. No matter how random, I want people to learn something from what I write. Also, I have many resources that are beneficial for both students and professionals.

I am Chicago raised and trained, and I pride myself in giving people real interventions that are designed for them and can be understood by anyone. I can explain anything as technical or commonly worded as necessary so that the best work can be done and implemented. As you read this blog, you will see that I love breaking down deep topics of behavior into the simplest terms, which I usually do best through animal behavior and lessons learned from pop culture (e.g., TV, movies, and comics).



I’ve been published!
I co-authored a short book on enhancing your self-worth through actionable steps that are easier to do than you think.

Recent Posts

The Black Community vs Mental Health

In regard to mental health and the general medical field, The Black Community has become stuck in a learned helplessness of both needing to have faith in those fields, while dealing with the mistrust and social stigma associated with utilizing those sciences.

How Playing Pokemon Helps With Emotional Regulation

Playing Pokemon may seem like an insignificant children’s game, but it teaches the important life skill of Emotional Regulation through emotional role play, increasing social interaction, and reinforcing goals through guided progress. While also developing necessary critical thinking skills.