Journal Article Reviews

This page is dedicated to helping provide people with easy-to-understand breakdowns of journal articles that are relevant to the study of ABA.

Ahearn, Clark, MacDonald, Chung (2007)

  • Assessing and Treating Vocal Stereotypy in Children with Autism
  • Key words: Vocal Stereotypy, Automatic Reinforcement, Response Interruption, Autism

Barnes, Mellor, Rehfeldt (2014)

  • Implementing the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP): Teaching Assessment Techniques
  • Key words: VB-MAPP, BST, Staff Training

Dixon, Wiggins, Belisle (2018)

  • The Effectiveness of the PEAK Relational Training System and Corresponding Changes on the VB-MAPP for Young Adults with Autism
  • Key words: Autism, Language, PEAK, VB-MAPP, Verbal Behavior

Gould, Dixon, Najdowski, Smith, Tarbox (2011)

  • A review of assessments for determining the content of early intensive behavioral intervention programs for autism spectrum disorders
  • Key words: Autism, Assessment, Curriculum, Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI), VB-MAPP

Iwata, Pace, Kalsher, Cowdery, & Cataldo (1990)

  • A study exploring the correlation between SIB and Negative Reinforcement.
  • Key words: Avoidance Bx, Escape Bx, Extinction, Functional Analysis, Negative Reinforcement, Self-Injurious Bx (SIB)

Kahng, Iwata, DeLeon, & Worsdell (1997)

  • Evaluation of the “Control Over Reinforcement” Component in Functional Communication Training
  • Key words: Extinction, Self-Injurious Bx (SIB), Functional Analysis (FA), Functional Communication Training (FCT), Non-Contingent Reinforcement (NCR)

Kanne, Gerber, Quirmbach, Sparrow, Cicchetti, Saulnier (2011)

  • The Role of Adaptive Behavior in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Implications for Functional Outcome
  • Key words: Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Adaptive Functioning, Vinland

Lalli, Casey, Kates (1995)

  • Reducing escape behavior and increasing task completion with functional communication training, extinction, and response chaining
  • Key words: Aggression, Extinction, Non-Contingent Reinforcement, SIB, Tangible Reinforcement, Functional Communication Training (FCT)

Piazza, Adelinis, Hanley, Goh, Delia (2000)

  • An evaluation of the effects of matched stimuli on behaviors maintained by automatic reinforcement
  • Key words: Automatic reinforcement, Functional Analysis (FA), Preference assessment

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