Service History

I have provided a wide range of services, with a behavioral approach. This has included staff training for small companies, residential facilities, and group homes, and direct intervention plans designed for child and adult consumers. These consumers have been both typically functioning and those diagnosed with mental/behavioral disabilities.

I have worked with business owners to develop company and employee habits that increased productivity, reduced liabilities, and created a more enjoyable workplace for everyone by designing and implementing behavioral-based interventions.

I have trained staff at various levels – Interventionists, Supervisors, BCBA’s, DSP Staff, and private bsines. Everyone has to be on the same page and that means implementing procedures the same way. Staff don’t always know their importance.

I’ve worked with athletes and at-risk youth between the ages of middle and high school to deal with anxiety, inappropriate sexual behaviors, physical aggression, and a wide variety of other maladaptive behaviors to achieve indivudal personal goals. Behavior planning is more than just finding a “fix” for a maladaptive behavior. Every behavior has to be treated in it’s entirety, not just with copy and paste solutions.

I have trained many dogs, both personally and by request. More than teaching the dog itself, animal training is about training the owners to change their behaviors and implement habits that create a successful partnership with their pet. One of the lesser explored aspects of ABA is applied animal behavior. Not just for research purposes, there are tons of real-world uses for applied animal behavior.