Standard Celeration Charts

Standard Celeration Charts (SCC’s) are a form of charting data encompassing three dimensions – count over duration, for a period of time. This can also be stated as, count per time per time. SCC’s are primarily used for charting fluency rates with precision learning, as SCC’s provide fluency aims and daily measurement, allowing practice to have a clearly defined goal, and advancement toward the goal is generally reinforcing. Fluency is typically defined as the combination of accuracy plus speed that characterizes competent performance; fluent performance indicates mastery of skill, ability to confidently perform, and automaticity (an automatic response pattern or habit). Fluency learning ensures what is learned is more likely to be retained, endure through distraction, and be applicable in new situations.

SCC’s are primarily used for charting fluency rates with precision learning. The most commonly used is the “Daily per minute Chart” (shown here), but there are many other charts, in regards to time and duration.

For example, there are charts that track the count per minute per week, month, and year (i.e., Weekly/Monthly, Yearly per minute).

Also, charts that track the count per day, week, and month (e.g., Weekly per week Chart).

SCC’s are typically done by hand by the learner. This provides the benefit of avoiding inter-observer agreement (IOA) issues and fosters rapid learning. While very detailed, SCC’s do not typically look as clean as a computer generated graph/chart.

This image is an example of a SCC chart I filled out when charting my progress with SAFMEDS, while in graduate school. I blocked out the names of others, as you list your supervisor, advisor, and manager on a SCC chart.

Information Resources


The Standard Celeration Society is a membership organization committed to supporting and disseminating tools, methods, and strategies for measuring learning and performance. 


The Behavior Babe is an amazing site with tons of information and resources on ABA topics. The picture links to her SCC page.


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