People to Follow

This page lists a few people in the world of ABA I feel are worth following on social media. Click the pictures for links to their IG accounts.

LaKeysha Cobbs-Hayes, MA, BCBA

LaKeysha is quickly becoming leading figure in ABA in Southern California. She is the owner of Key Essentials to Behavior Management, serving as the Director of Clinical Services. She has begun branching out her areas of expertise and her posts make you feel that you really get to know her as a person.

Amanda N. Kelly, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA

Better known as BehaviorBabe, she has an active IG account, a podcast, and a very informative website. She is widely known and a reputable source to use for the basics of ABA.

Shannon Biagi

Shannon is the CEO at Chief Motivating Officers LLC and the Director of Operations at OBM Network. If you care anything for learning about OBM, Shannon is the person to follow. She has a foundation rooted in ABA and is a wealth of knowledge and you can find her interviews on YouTube and a various podcasts.

Vanessa Bethea-Miller, M.A., BCBA, LBS

Vanessa is a BCBA to follow when you want to extend outside of Autism. She is a behavioral consultant, mentor, and coach. She is the founder of Bethea-Miller Behavioral Consulting and Shaping Tomorrow Child Care Services, a co-founder of The ABA Taskforce, and the author of a children’s book, “I Know What I Want to Be“. Also, she has been a frequent speaker at ABAI.

Brett DiNovi, BCBA

Founder and CEO of Brett DiNovi and Associates, co-founder of the B.F. Skinner Institute, author, and a leading figure in the world of ABA. He’s active on IG and LinkedIn, and his posts show off his personality well.

Jasemine Monet Lakey, MS, BCBA

Jasemine is an up and coming BCBA that combines common sense and personality with a sharp analytical mind and professionalism. Providing clinical supervision and consultation services to RBT’s and BCBA interns, she is at the beginning of a journey that will make her someone everyone will want to follow.