Special Acknowledgements

With this page I’d love to give recognition to people and their brands that I know, trust, and feel strongly deserve to have people support them.

Casara’s Nail Creations

Casara Stevens, owner

An urban couture vision on what acrylics can and will be. CNC is working to help shape the nail technician culture and lifestyle. Offering a variety of colors, effects, and trends that always catch people’s eye.

Email CNC: CNC@CasarasNailCreations.com

The Dominique Denise

Fashion Model and Coach

Dominique Denise has been working in the entertainment/fashion industry for over 15 years. Her experience has ranged from walking in almost every New York Fashion Week season since 2015, winning the title of Miss Teen New York-World 2011, and providing personal one-on-one model coaching and catered career development to aspiring models. She is currently located in North Carolina, where she is now a successful model and personal model coach in the Charlotte area. Check her out on Level 21 TV (click the button below), where she co-hosts.

Email Dominique: info@TheDominiqueDenise.com

The Sensory Spot

LaKeysha Cobbs-Hayes, owner

The Sensory is an environment combining Montessori methods with ABA principles. This means that we are shaping children to increase the probability of learning behaviors through methods proven to increase quality and satisfaction in individualized learning.

Email The Sensory Spot: info@keyessentialsbm.com

DH Results Coaching

Rob & Bridget Du Haime, owners

Rob and Bridget are Certified In Life, Health and Fitness Coaching (CPT) with 10+ years of experience. They offer in-person and online/over the phone coaching. They provide information on nutrition and design plans for your specific needs.

Email Rob: MyCoachRobDuHaime@gmail.com

G2 Hoops, LLC

Greg Jones II, owner

G2 Hoops (Gary, IN) is a Sports Marketing and Event Management company providing a platform for young athletes through skill development and exposure events in Hoops. Greg has trained players all over the world (literally) and has a dedication towards women’s basketball and developing players. Greg is also the Founder and Co-Director of The Sorority Basketball Camp, an elite high school camp for the top players in the Midwest.

Email: g2hoopsllc@gmail.com

Frank’s Tax Services

Tranisia Frank, owner

Frank’s Tax specializes in providing virtual tax services for both personal clients and small businesses. It’s both trusted and reliable, and can serve all of your tax needs.

Email Frank’s Tax: FranksTaxServices@gmail.com


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