The Sensory Spot

Owned by LaKeysha Cobbs-Hayes, MA, BCBA

The Sensory is an environment combining Montessori methods with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles. This means that we are shaping children to increase the probability of learning behaviors through methods proven to increase quality and satisfaction in individualized learning.

A Montessori education is based on being student-led and self-paced, while being guided, assessed, and enriched by quality instructors and environments. It’s an overall development of a child cognitively, emotionally, socially, and physically.

ABA is based on developing a child individually, reducing skill deficits by assessing and building overall skills, using current skills as a foundation to be reinforced and generalized.

The Similarities of Methods & Principles

Each child is valued as a unique individual, accommodating varied learning styles and abilities.Each child has programming based on their individual skills and abilities.
Students are supported to enjoy learning to help build learning over time.Students are shaped by creating a positive learning history, which will reinforce (increase) the probability of future learning behaviors.
Students have freedom to actively participate in their focus of learning, within well-defined classroom limits.Students are given a structure to build overall skills, while actively participating in the component skills needed to achieve the composite.
Students learn to look critically at their work – recognizing, correcting, and learning from their errors.Students learn to build a learning history that develops skills through error correction and generalization.
Supports development of social-emotional skills.Supports development of social skills and socially appropriate behaviors, including the expressions of thoughts and emotions.