Keeping You Word!!!

The only way ABA works is to establish that you KEEP YOUR WORD!

When setting the conditions to create control of a situation, you have to establish that you mean what you say. This is what is known have maintaining integrity when implementing an intervention.

Your Yes must always mean yes, your No must always mean no, and you have to prove that you will do what you say you will do.

This is the only way for a new behavior to become effective enough to replace a problem behavior! If you begin to operate in a way that allows for your “no” to be negotiable, you begin to lose integrity and show the possibility that your intervention does not need to be followed. Likewise, if your “yes” becomes inconsistent with delivery, then behavior is not being reinforced consistently enough to establish that the new behavior works, and you’ll be unable to replace the problem behaviors.

This link is a simple description on Follow Through, which is based on keeping you word. It gives a simple synopsis of finding the function of a behavior and using a First-Then Contingency (i.e., first do this, then you can do that) to achieve compliance, and consistently following through with what you say (keeping your word) to establish control.

For more in depth discussion, please feel free to contact me.


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