Overcoming Procrastination

Strategies to overcome procrastination:

  1. Create habits by taking small steps forward, everyday.

Doing small increments can allow you to achieve large gains. If you want to finish a 500 page book. Start by reading 10 pages per day, not 100 pages.
Note. If everyday you do 10 push-ups in the morning and 10 push-ups at night, that means you’ll done 20 per day, equalling 140 per week. That’s 7,280 push-ups per year worth of gains. Increasing those 10 push-ups to 25 will result in 18,200 push-ups worth of gains per year.

  1. Just start!

Force yourself to start and to make the first step. The first step is ALWAYS the hardest step. Once you take the first step you forget about procrastination and the job gets done.
Note. I definitely recommend reading about the timeboxing technique to help with time management.

  1. Your energy levels are important.

Take regular breaks throughout the day (e.g., walking, stretching, eating a snack, etc.). Find out what are your peak productive hours, then push yourself harder at those time. When your energy is getting low take a break!
Note. Breaks are for a defined period of time.

  1. Find (safe) ways to have more energy!

SLEEP! Getting 7–8 hours of sleep is ideal, but difficult. Eat a healthy diet, exercise (at least) a few times a week, and drink enough water. Low energy frequently leads to procrastination.

  1. Overcome negative thoughts!

The fear of failure is an example of the type of negative thought that can lead to procrastination. Although, failure is a key component of success. You can’t have one without the other. If you want to succeed faster, you have to fail more. Learn from those failures and thrive.

  1. Don’t let perfectionism hold you back!

Trying to get it perfect will lead to procrastination! Once you allow yourself to cope with the mentality that nothing will ever be “perfect”, it will help you beat procrastination. Breaking through this mental blockage will allow you to achieve goals you would have never imagined before.

  1. Create a list!!!

Lists will help you recognize your accomplishments and reduce the risk of forgetting goals. Crossing items/tasks off as “DONE” will keep you motivated.


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